The experience

Our photographic research is based on a natural style, with no ostentation but seeking  the simplicity to go straight to the essence, showing only the pure and delicate, wonderful fragility of the soul, expressed in a Soft and Romantic way. We want to photograph spontaneous and authentic moments by using natural light as the only instrument to create timeless images. We want our pictures to have that sense of timeless and mystery driven by a feeling. Storytelling is the most important part for us. Giving structure and tone to the photographic story is important as well as how the images are stylistically captured. We want our stories to be cinematic and focus on your feelings.

We are Alice and Lisa, two sisters and destination wedding photographer based in Italy, who loves adventurous travels and beautiful people in love !
Our approach is driven by our passion to capture moments, but also we want to get to know you as friends and give you an amazing experience.
Our style is bright and warm, we love photos that are raw and natural and tell a story. We think everybody has a special story to be told, that’s why our storytelling is a mix of documentary work and composed portraits.
This allow us to record those little glances that reflects the personality of a couple as well as the iconic moments and funny once. 
Why are you a photographer?

Photography is our gasoline, the reason why we jump out of the bad everyday. You can create connections with everything trough a picture. Human beings, nature, animals, objects, empty rooms... You can give a value to everything that is important for you in that moment. Whatever your go you can met a lot of people and share amazing and unique moments with them, in a very short time! The connection is powerful, it's incredible ! Our photographs are full of gracefulness, always with attention of details. We want to give back to our costumers all that they give to us with their essence, creating heirloom and timeless memories for them. Photography is at the center of our life.

How do you connect with clients and how is your approach ?

We have an authentic approach always maintaining simplicity, fluidity and kindness. We bring a lot of importance to the human connection giving value to a genuine and honest relationship. Connection happens naturally as any kind of relation and it's a crucial part of of our work. We have to get along and create trust one another in a very short time. We care all our costumers and give them the same attention as they are the only one we have. We give ourself 1000% in each of your stories. Sometimes they also became lasting friendships !

Talk about your service

We are developing a refined style perfect to capture soft romantic and delicate portraits and wedding reportage in every kind of situation and location. We have a progressive approach on our photography, as well as individuals. We want to be better human beings and better sensitive photographers and developing our unique vision.

How is the delivery of the photos?

After sorting and post-producing photos, we deliver the photos in high definition without signature via a private gallery online or you can download them. The post production on the photos is usually done within 3-4 months, depend by the season. And the deliver can take 72 hours and maximum 1 week. No raw photos are delivered. All photos used on the social networks must mention the credit of author.