Annie and Luca are a couple of Italian origin who have been in Switzerland for a few generations, as well as my family. Love for Italy, however, leaps in the blood and never stops calling. But like all Italians abroad, the things they call about them are the most representative of Italy in the world and so good Firulans have inspired their marriage to Sicily! Everything expressed Sicily, from the moment I set foot in Villa Elodia, I left the Friuli behind and entered an old Italian movie. Old family photographs, grandmother’s giorielli, a Chanel N5 allure in the air, dresses and shoes in refined Dolce & Gabbana lace around the room. Antonietta is an artistic soul, a dancer, an actress, an interpreter. He saw everything as if he were playing a role. And Luca – a little bit of a scientist, a bit of a literate but incredible composing pianist gave his Annie all the space needed to express his purest essence. And so starting to look at Sicilian carts, lemon trees on the tables, dancing mothers and aunts singing in a taranta of joy and shining carefree to end a special show, an Italian mambo perfectly choreographed by Annie. I carry their magic with me and I will never forget the beauty of seeing Luca, like a joyful lord peak, in his white straw hat distributing sparkles to everyone to dance a little brighter 🙂

Villa Elodia, Udine, Italy
Wedding shoes
Dolce & Gabbana