Villa San Bonifacio


VERONA | Val Policella

Csilla and Sean have crossed the ocean accompanied by a few close friends and relatives to celebrate their wedding in Italy, in the splendid setting of Villa San Bonifacio, near the beautiful Verona. A small and intimate marriage that revealed the class of these two people, their sophisticated presence, the depth and value of their feelings for each other and the benevolent and complete support of every person around them. The talented team from More than Weddings, Marta and Cristiana, has been able to interpret the refined taste and  personalities of Csilla and Sean in every detail. From the floral project, performed in collaboration with the magical Ottavia Bosco. To the exquisite Epicurean flavors, works of art for the palate, curated by Marco Corradi and his team ( Marco Assaggia ). A red full moon illuminated the last minutes of that perfect dinner, like a blessing, as if someone was watching.