It was a cold, rainy day in Milan. The grey clouds was matching the 1970’s buildings. The streets was giving space of a silent Saturday morning. A man walking in his beige trench coat under a black umbrella, the shoes creaked in the wet sidewalk.

A small food market putting the goods to saefty from the pouring rain. But inside a little house in the quartier of Brera there was a warm light. A gracious smile, a refined figure. Elisa is the perfect combination between Grace Kelly and the typical beauty from Northern Italy. In another house, in the opposite side of Milano, Luca was hooking the cufflinks and fastening the tie in a terrific, gentle, perfect window light. Two cars was driving across Milan under the grey sky in two different times to the Santa Maria Alla Fontana church. Luca was waiting with all the curiosity a groom should have, waiting to see his beautiful wife walking down the aisle. Finally he arrive. Solemn, gracious, impeccable. After the ceremony we all went to shoot some beautiful portrait memories for them. We went to the magnificent BIBBIOTECA DEGLI ALBERI. The reception was taking place at the LOFT RUGINELLO .