We love the idea to re-create your love story in something tangible that you can preserve. Nothing better than your wedding book to go back trough your story. What if you could have something that is iconic and symbolic and really take you back trough all the steps and adventures you lived together ? Let us tell you the story of Elisabetta & Valentino are the perfect example. Their story since 12 years is related to Japan. Many travels and adventures there together. then the proposal and after the wedding in Italy with their family they went there again for their honeymoon. Their wedding concept was turning around country side flowers, nature and grace matched with the essential and conceptual purity of Japan, and many elements of Japans tradition was present in the wedding. When they went for the honeymoon we ask them to bring pieces of rice paper, canvas, gadgets and all that they think it can suit the colors of the wedding to include in their wedding book. So we made a project together suited for them, we used an unusual binding for a wedding book and an unusual raw paper to better express the concept we wanted represent.

Design by Tramontina Studio

Project develop – print – crafting by Graphistudio