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Elopement Dicembre 9, 2019 Love Story Wp: More than weddings Foto: Tramontina Studio Video: Verona Sposi Location: Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio Project e styling: More than Weddings Allestimenti floreali: Ivy Flowers Altri alle... Intimate wedding Novembre 22, 2019 Claudia & Riccardo Intimate wedding Novembre 8, 2019 Csilla & Sean Csilla and Sean have crossed the ocean accompanied by a few close friends and relatives to celebrate their wedding in Italy, in the splendid setting of Villa San Bonifacio, near the beautiful Verona. ... Elopement Novembre 8, 2019 Elopement in Tuscany This beautiful couple from Australia  in love with the charming romance of Italy, choose Gaiole in Chianti, borgo Casa al Vento to exchange their promises of eternal love, eloping in the enchanting co... Intimate wedding Novembre 5, 2019 Luana & Marco | Parco Sigurtà Join us itnto the story of Luana and Marco, from Zurigo, back to their mother land, Italy, to crown the beginning of their family. Their wedding day, planned by Cristiana and Marta, More than Wedding... Destination Settembre 13, 2019 Helen & Jake | Intimate wedding in Puglia "Oh, let's get rich and buy our parents Homes in the South of France Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters And teach them how to dance Let's get rich and build our house on a mountain M... Intimate wedding Settembre 2, 2019 Francesca & Mirko Intimate wedding Agosto 8, 2019 Annie & Luca Annie and Luca are a couple of Italian origin who have been in Switzerland for a few generations, as well as my family. Love for Italy, however, leaps in the blood and never stops calling. But like al... Intimate wedding Giugno 8, 2019 Anosh & Reshmika | Destination Wedding in Georgia "The power of thought changes destiny. Man sows a thought and gathers an action, sows an action and gathers a habit, sows a habit and gathers a character, sows a character and gathers a destiny". (Swa...