The happiness of doing something beautiful together. This came to me from Lisa and Mehdi in the short time spent together. The first time I photographed them was in Stockholm, for the civil wedding, intimate and reserved and I enjoyed them in their bubble of love, shooting around the town hall, there was a strong and cold wind and the sun was giving off a pure white light . (See the wedding in Stockholm). Then we met again for the wedding in Tuscany for which they had booked me, at the Fattoria di Corsignano, a nice place scattered with vineyards not far from Siena. From the early morning I rediscovered their simplicity, joy and brightness. All the wedding was organized by them, all the decorations were made by Lisa, the bridesmaids, friends and family, no more than twenty people in all. It was all very intimate and the atmosphere was joyful and serene, everything flowed calmly, effortlessly, without pretensions but only in pure conviviality and all the love that I keep seeing in the eyes of these two guys so special.