Anosh and Reshmika, a wonderful couple from Dubai, Indian and Parish origins. They wanted to leave for their wedding, creating something contemporary that was also a little scenic, but they didn’t want to give up family, friends and traditions. So from all over the world (literally) friends, family and destination wedding photographers gathered in Kvareli in Georgia that June 8th 2019. This was also a true adventure! We started from Venice in three photographers given the amount of work that involved a traditional Indian pre-novel party where families would bless the couple with gifts and sprinkle them with spices and liquids. We then arrived in Tblisi at 4 am on the day before the wedding where we met Reshmika’s family to join one of their transfers to Kvareli. A hilly area of ​​georgia famous for its wine production. The blessing party was only a foretaste of what we would see at the wedding, perfectly organized by the wonderful Mandarini Wedding team. The sky was clear and a light breeze was blowing in those early summer days. everything was calm, solemn, but at the same time you could breathe the energy of these young international Indians who were able to give structure, rhythm and balance in addition to the wonderful work of wedding planners! Everything went well and when the evening finally fell, the official showman announced a surprise, the bride and groom appeared in traditional Indian clothes and wrapped by their friends they perfectly staged a modern pop-Bollywood representation that we will never forget! Thank you Anosh and Reshmika for how you are, for making us part of your family and this extraordinary destination wedding in Georgia!

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